Vision and Values

Crossroads mission statement is to be "A community of searching people joining Jesus’ mission".

When we started the church we chose the name Crossroads because we wanted to be a church that would help people at a crossroads in their spiritual journeys.  Our goal has always been to provide new direction for searching people.  As a community of people at various stages in our search to grow closer to God, we want to join Jesus’ mission to bring heaven to earth by living like Jesus did.

Our Six Non-Negotiables

We believe we can’t be what God has called us to be if we pretend to be something we are not.  Whether on Main Stage or in our homes, we need to be able to share our struggles and weaknesses in a safe setting.  We want to be real.

Our first question has always been, how does this decision affect our friends and neighbors who don’t know Jesus? Whether we are talking about our lives or our weekend services, we want them to be something that draws people to the love and truth of God, not something that repels them.

Christ followers should be the most giving people on the planet.  Our desire is to bless others inside and outside the walls of our buildings as a response to God’s blessings in our lives.  We have to come to realize that our times of greatest satisfaction and pleasure come when we extend generosity to someone else. 

We don’t expect everyone who walks into Crossroads to be a committed Christ-follower, but we do expect those around our community to be growing closer to Jesus. We know it is God’s plan and desire that through the work of his Spirit, we are continually becoming more like Jesus. Listen or Watch a past series, Root to Fruit, it covers the four truths of God and how the lies we believe about God can keep transformation from happening.

Christ followers should throw the best parties.  We have the most to celebrate.  The Bible says that laughter is medicine for our souls. The Bible is full of festivals and parties where God asked his followers to celebrate his goodness. We believe that when we gather we should leave renewed and invigorated, not beaten down and discouraged.

The Bible teaches us that we were all created for a God given purpose. Crossroads exists to help you live out the mission that God has placed in your heart.  Instead of asking you to fulfill our dreams, or build our organization, we believe it is our job to help you discern what God is calling you to do.  And then, equip you to successfully accomplish that mission for which He created you.