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What is the City?

The City is an online community and communication hub that helps us plan events, share prayer requests, dialogue, and list opportunities to serve, a secure environment created just for Crossroads. Unlike other “ME” focused communities, The City is a community of “WE.” You decide the information you want to see based on the groups you want to be a part of. Watch for Crossroads Weekly each Thursday with a roundup of news at your campus that week.

Crossroads can feel big on a Sunday morning. So, whether it’s a group of Coffee Team volunteers, a small group of moms that pray on Wednesday mornings or parents of middle school students – there are groups for everyone to engage on a smaller, more inviting level.

The City has it all in one place. Find out what’s happening at your campus. Read a note from the week’s teaching pastor and engage in a discussion about the current message series. The City also works as a database for the church, keeping your personal profile private for Crossroads staff, but also keeping information accurate because it’s updated by you. In the coming months you will be able to tithe on The City and view your giving history.

The City is the place to RSVP for events and let the group leader know what you’ll be bringing and how many will be attending. The City communicates real needs, of real people in real time. Instead of relying only on church staff, needs can be posted and met immediately by you.

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If you're new and don't have a City account yet, Visit The Plaza for updates.

If you have questions about The City, email Sarah Erdmann at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..